Our Story

As the daughter and granddaughter of jewelry designers, I’ve always had an interest in jewelry. After graduating from school, I didn’t immediately follow in their footsteps. I started my career as a diplomat. I was posted to Japan, where I apprenticed in my spare time with a metalsmith. It’s there that I learned to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of good design. On my return to Canada, I founded Kinzoku Custom (KinzokuCustom.com) and came full circle to carry on the family tradition. Fast forward a few years... my daughter came to me one day with a drawing and said “mama, this is my cufflink design”. That started me on a path designing jewelry with children’s art. We've since expanded to include a whole range of jewelry and accessories. It’s no longer about cherishing a moment in a child’s life. It's so much more. It’s about celebrating everyone’s creativity. We believe the best gifts are the ones that tell a story. Let us tell yours.