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Memories and how we hold onto them

Memories and how we hold onto them

I love sentimental gifts. For me, it’s about the memories they evoke. When you're giving or receiving a sentimental gift, you're handing over a tangible memory – a memory that's no longer just in your mind but it's now a physical thing. Picture this: a bracelet with a drawing your daughter made for you when she was six. That kind of keepsake is like a memory holder. When you put on that bracelet, it's not just an accessory – it's a gateway to those emotions - the laughter, the joy and the memories that come rushing back. 

So what exactly are memories? They're like snapshots or recordings of things we've experienced, seen, heard, or felt. These memories can be as simple as what you had for breakfast this morning or as complex as a favourite family trip. It’s like our brains have this magical filing system that can categorize and store these moments, ready to play them back at a moment's notice. Something as simple as a smell, a song, or even a picture, can take us back in time. Suddenly, we're right back in that special moment, reliving it all over again. Every time you recall that memory, your brain reopens that mental photo album, letting you relive the moment like it's happening right now.

Why do we store these memories? In a way, they’re the building blocks of who we are. They shape our identity, provide a sense of continuity, and connect us to our past. Our brains are wired to hold onto memories so that we can use them to navigate through life, make decisions, and even avoid potential dangers. In a way, memories are our brain's way of building a library of knowledge that we can access whenever we need them. But here's the interesting part: our brain doesn't just store facts. It stores feelings too. The emotions tied to these memories – the joy, the love, the nostalgia – that's what makes them precious in our minds.

So, next time you're hunting for that perfect gift, consider the power of memories. It's not about the fancy wrapping; it's about the feelings inside.  Whether it's a pendant with your child's artwork, a keychain with a photo from an epic adventure, or any other treasure that carries a memory, you're creating a bridge between past and present, and sharing the beauty of that moment with someone you care about. The best gifts are the ones that tell a story.

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